Between the city centers of Berlin and Potsdam, three future-forward „Plus-Energy-Houses“ are currently under construction in the quiet neighborhood of the former Don Bosco residential area. The buildings, situated close to the lake “Großer Wannsee” and right nearby the forest “Forst Düppel”, were designed by the renowned architecture firm GRAFT, who are famous for innovative sustainability concepts.

The Plus-Energy-House are of a unique kind in Germany, offering the possibility to lease an electric vehicle (EV) as an addition to the rental agreement and thereby use excess energy of the house for electric mobility. The real estate of the future unites with reasonable mobility.

After subtracting the energy consumption by the house itself, the electric energy from the photovoltaic (PV) unit, is sufficient to power a driving performance of up to 7,000-19,500km per year. Every kWh not supplied into the public grid, i.e. used for the local supply, is free. Through this approach running costs for heating, hot-water and electricity are reduced dramatically and the entire vehicle-electricity from the PV-unit, itself taken from the house-battery, is for free.

The combination of sophisticated architecture, innovative technology, sustainable mobility and ecological healthy living make this development a very ambitious building project.